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Vitargo Post


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Vitargo Post

Recovery. The ‘R’ word. Thrown and kicked around like a ball. With intense training or athletic competition two key metabolic demands are created: replace fuel and provide amino acids/protein. Intense muscular work—the intensity that elevates performance and/or increases muscle mass—almost always relies upon carbohydrate as the primary fuel. Amino acids—the full spectrum of all of the essential aminos, not just branched chain aminos—are obligatory components that feed the anabolic response in muscle—for both muscle contracting proteins (strength) and muscle enzymes (endurance). Vitargo® POST™ harnesses the Same Day Recovery™ muscle refuelling dominance of patented, sugar-free, and university validated Vitargo and couples it to an enzyme hydrolysed whey protein, delivering a nearly bloat-free solution to POST-training, POST-race, and POST-competition nutrition.

MUSCLE GLYCOGEN REFUELING, UNPARALLELED*—Vitargo taken after glycogen depleting exercise showed 1.7x higher/faster muscle carbohydrate replacement just 2 hours later, compared to the fastest generic carb, maltodextrin—muscle biopsy validated.*

SAME DAY RECOVERY™* —Train to exhaustion. Take Vitargo. Wait two hours. Go back and do an all-out, 15-minute maximum effort workout. If you refueled with Vitargo you could have laid down up to 23% more muscular work (average of 10% greater) compared to maltodextrin.*

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