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Resistance Power Band - Assisted Pull Up Bands Pack


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Resistance Power Band - Assisted Pull Up Bands Pack

Resistance Power Bands are an incredibly versatile tool for adding resistance to stretching, lifting, and bodyweight training exercises. Ideal for assisted pull ups and dips. All bands are made of 100% natural latex through a continuous layering process to ensure long life. 

These bands are not only extra durable, but they offer different levels of assistance which is perfect body stretching.


  • Mobility 
  • Stretching
  • Functional Fitness, Cross Training Style Workouts i.e. Pull Ups
  • Plyometrics
  • Powerlifting
  • Resistance training
  • Rehab & Rehab - e.g. Shoulders, Hips, Glutes, Calves etc. 
  • Resistance:
    • 100lbs (45kg) per Purple Band
    • 50lbs (22kg) per Black Band
    • 15lbs (7.9kg) per Red Band

Package Contents

  • 1 × 208cm × 2.9cm × 4.5mm, Resistance Power Band - M - Purple
  • 1 × 208cm × 2.2cm × 4.5mm, Resistance Power Band - S - Black
  • 1 × 208cm × 1.3cm × 4.5mm, Resistance Power Band - XS - Red

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