The Genius Brand L-Arginine Natural Lemon (30 Serve) 240g

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QUALITY MATTERS, (Zero Fillers or Other Ingredients) Genius Arginine asserts 'The AjiPure Difference'. Purity, Safety and Efficacy are what sets Genius products apart from the competition. No contaminants or label fraud!*

NITRIC OXIDE BOOSTER, 5 Grams of Pure Arginine in every scoop guarantees results, you can feel! Arginine essentially becomes nitric oxide in the body, leading to increased vasodilation. Stack with Genius Pre for INSANE pumps.*

TRIGGER MUSCLE GROWTH, Arginine is a building block of protein that our body can't create naturally. While the increased vasodilation results in greater protein synthesis, pure Genius arginine triggers the body to make more protein as well!*

BLOOD PRESSURE, It has been shown that arginine reduces blood pressure in healthy adults. More & more studies are being published, confirming the research! Remember, quality matters when looking for desired results.*

MALE PERFORMANCE, While arginine has many benefits, increased blood flow is that the top of the list. Yes‚ It benefits 'other' areas as well. Trust us, you'll feel a difference.*

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