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SUPERIOR LOW-GLYCEMIC ENERGY SOURCE, Carb-loaders & endurance athletes have come to accept the effects of maltodextrin and fast-digesting sugar (glucose), but Genius Carb offers an 82% lower insulin response and a 27% lower blood-sugar response, making it a healthier alternative to what's on the market today.

GREAT FOR BIKING, HIKING, RUNNING OR ENDURANCE SPORTS, Avoid the peaks, valleys and unnatural spikes in blood-sugar that maltodextrin causes and instead fuel optimal, non-crash performance with Genius Carb; Combine with Genius Electrolytes for optimal hydration & peak performance.

HEALTHY WEIGHT GAINER (STACK TIPS), Looking to add serious mass? Do it the right way. Avoid the filler-based mass gainer supplements and combine our smart carb source with genius creatine & protein for true mass building & lean muscle growth.

BIGGER MUSCLE PUMPS, Consuming carbohydrates before or during your workout results in greater nitric oxide production, ultimately improving your pump and keeping your muscles full; Genius Carb provides a quality nutrition source that lasts throughout the workout and aids in the muscle building & recovery process.

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