SAN Nutrition Green Supreme Fusion (30 Serve) 316g

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  • Supports Digestive Health & Food Assimilation
  • Exceeds 5 Servings of Veggies & Fruits
  • Nutrient-Dense Superfoods
  • Contains Pre & Prebiotics Plus Food Digestion Enzymes
  • Perfect for Vegans & Active or Health Minded Individuals!
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As a health-conscious individual, you try to eat healthily, but getting an adequate amount of green foods each day can be a challenge. We understand your dilemma so we've developed Green Supreme Fusion for you, Green Supreme Fusion is a comprehensive superfood blend of organic whole plant foods along with Pre and Probiotics that provide diverse benefits ranging from protecting cell integrity, supporting digestive health as well as supporting food assimilation, SAN's Green Supreme Fusion is the ideal way as supporting food assimilation. SAN's Green Supreme Fusion is the ideal way to start off your day. It helps with immediate safety while providing high orac value superfoods that support the neutralization of free radical substrates found in the typical western diet. Start your day off right with Green Supreme Fusion, the multi-prong greens superfood!

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