RSP Nutrition Clarity Creamer (31 serve) 465mL

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Flavour: French Vanilla
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UPGRADED NON-DAIRY COFFEE CREAMER - Clarity Creamer is more nutrient-dense than milk or other non-dairy creamers because it is packed with 7g of emulsified MCT Oil, 4 brain boosting nootropics, and contains no sugar.

NATURAL NOOTROPICS - Clarity Creamer gets its light brown colour from natural nootropics including Lion's mane, artichoke extract, bacopa, and ginkgo Biloba, that offers a safe, 100% plant-based boost to your brain function, mental clarity, and focus. Simply add to your coffee or favourite beverage for a clean, safe neuro boost.

KETO-FRIENDLY MCT OIL - Clarity Creamer also contains 7g of 100% coconut MCT Oil that provides quality fat that is converted into fuel for the brain and body, while not being stored as body fat. This coffee booster is a perfect complement to your keto lifestyle.

MIXES INSTANTLY - Enjoy all the benefits of MCT Oil and natural brain boosters in a creamy french vanilla flavour like a delicious boost to your coffee, favourite beverage, or morning routine.


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