Ronnie Coleman ISO-Tropic MAX (1.4kg)

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Flavour: German Chocolate
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Everyone and their mother has an isolate out these days so what separates Iso-Tropic Max from all of the others?
First of all, no games, just 25g of PURE 100% WHEY ISOLATE per scoop.* Also, you can have the most advanced, cold filtered, ion exchange, genetically engineered best protein of ALL TIME… but if you can't absorb it to the fullest then it ain't worth squat! Iso-TropicMax is fortified with ! AstraGin (Astragalus Membranceus Root and Panax Notoginseng) an absorption enhancing ingredient clinically proven to increase amino acid uptake by 66.7%. Considering protein is made up of amino acids being able to absorb them at a significantly higher and more efficient rate is a huge advantage… especially during the very small post workout anabolic window. With Iso-TropicMax you'll never waste a gram of protein AGAIN! *

With under 120 calories per serving and 0g of sugar, not to mention delivering a smoothie like taste profile, Iso-TropicMax might just be the CLEANEST & most COMPLETE protein ever made. *

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