Nutrex Research Lipo 6 Natural (60 serve) 60 Veggie-Caps

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  • All-natural plant-based weight loss formula
  • Uses only high-yield plant-based extracts
  • Help activate metabolism and burn calories
  • Helps control appetite and hunger cravings Lactose & gluten-free for easy digestion
  • Increase energy and focus
  • Convenient 1 pill only dosing

LIPO6 NATURAL is a 100% plant-based and naturally sourced weight loss formula. It works through multiple lipolytic pathways helping you to target excess fat and lose weight faster with an all-natural approach. LIPO6 NATURAL contains only high potency extracts that allow for a convenient 1 pill only dosing. What makes LIPO6 NATURAL so unique is, that it combines a true all-natural formula with the uncompromised effectiveness and potency you expect from a real fat-burning pill. LIPO6 NATURAL delivers both: a natural approach and strong weight loss results in a single easy-to-swallow veggie-cap.∆ó



Grains of Paradise: This natural seed extract high in active Paradoxine, is one of the few fat-loss ingredients that actually works better over time. Continuing use will lead to a cumulative effect with its' ongoing browning of fat cells, which results in a progressively stronger thermogenic response.†

Coleus Forskohlii: The effects on body composition of this herb come from Forskolin, its' main active compound. Forskolin helps to free fatty acids from the body's cells to be burnt off as fuel. It further preserves muscle tissue during periods of dieting, which contributes to keeping metabolic output higher.†

Ashwagandha: This adaptogenic herb helps to address and counteract stress-related weight issues. By lowering stress-induced elevated cortisol levels Ashwagandha spurs up fat-loss. Its

positive effects on body re-composition don't just stop with fat-loss as Ashwagandha also helps to preserve muscle and strength during a calorie-restricted diet.†

Apple Cider Vinegar: This highly bioactive ingredient supports weight loss by functioning as a strong natural appetite suppressant. It also increases satiety and keeps you full longer after a meal. In particular, it has shown to help with sugar-cravings that can oftentimes arise during a weight-loss diet†

Coffea Robusta & Cocoa: These two natural sources of caffeine and theobromine greatly increase energy and focus. Simply put, by raising your activity level they indirectly help you burn off more calories.†

BioPerine: This patented black pepper extract increases your metabolic rate by inducing thermogenic heat. Aside from helping you lose weight this also functions as a bio-availability enhancer, meaning it enables your body to assimilate the ingredients in LIPO6 NATURAL even more efficiently.†

Take 1 Veggie-Cap in the morning and 1 Veggie-Cap in the afternoon. For best results do not take with a meal. Do not take within 6 hours of sleep.

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