Labrada Super Charge! (25 serve) 675g

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Flavour: Watermelon
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Super Charge! is head and shoulders above any other pre-workout on the market, for many reasons. For starters, we provide over 10 performance enhancing actives, in the same effective amounts that are backed by human studies. None of this pixie dust sprinkle stuff you find in some other pre-workouts. It's all clearly spelled out on the label, concise and precise. Super Charge! is made in a certified cGMP and FDA inspected facility, and like all Labrada products, tested by a third party independent lab to confirm that it meets label claim. If you're looking for a product that makes all of the difference in terms of strength, endurance, and performance,look no further. Stim-Free Super Charge! is IT!
Active Ingredients In Supercharge:

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)
Carnosyn beta-alanine
Hydromax glycerol
Huperzine A
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B6
Vitamin C
Electrolyte Complex

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