Labrada ReCharge! (1kg)

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Take the ReCHARGE! After your training to replenish muscle glycogen. ReCHARGE! Accelerates muscular hydration and volume expansion, and helps kick starts recovery.

  • 30g Karbolyn, Refuel your muscle
  • 5g Fermented Leucine, Recover your muscles
  • 2g HydroMAX Glycerol, Rehydrate your muscles
  • Sugar-Free

ReCHARGE! Contains Karbolyn, which is a designer carbohydrate source that is rapidly adsorbed, yet it sustains elevations in blood sugar like slowly digested starches.

Karbolyn quickly replenishes muscle glycogen (stored energy) that provides working muscles with the energy they need to keep you performing at your absolute peak.

ReCHARGE! Includes Hydromax Flycerol, to increase the amount of fluid in your muscles and blood, making for fuller, more hydrated muscles.

Glycerol easily enters the bloodstream and muscle tissue, pulling water along with it to reduce the effect of fatigue-inducing metabolites from muscle breakdown or energy production; and aid in the exchange of nutrition and waste products.

ReCHARGE! Contains 3.5g of fermented l-leucine, the effective amount that has been suggested in studies to activate the mTOR pathway, which signals muscle growth.

Fermented amino acids are very pure, and made in a sterile lab environment using no animal product. L-leucine is one of the most 'in demand' amino acids during muscle repair and recovery.

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