How Ryan Reyolds transformed his body for Deadpool

One of the most underrated workouts one can make, and it doesn't require any fancy equipment, in fact, none at all. It's called plank walk-ups. 

Don Saladino, the man responsible for shaping the bodies of superheroes like Deadpool' Ryan Reyolds, Captain America's Sebastian Stan, and Hellboy's David Harbour. His high profile clients are often advised to start their day with plank walk-ups to strengthen core muscles. 

This simple, yet intense work out teaches people to "stabilize their core while moving dynamically," Saladino told

To commence the workout, one must first assume a planking position on the ground with a straight spine, squeezed glutes (butt cheeks) with palms facing down. Lift yourself one arm at a time and straighten your elbows in a push-up position. Still ensuring spinal alignment and squeezed glutes, lower your elbows back down to the ground, one arm at a time. Do this with 3 to 4 sets of 5 to 8 reps and you are set.

It's not only a killer core workout, but it's also a fat burner and re-strengthens the building blocks for more workouts to come like the plank row which requires resistance bands training. 

Have a great day of training!



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