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In Australia, over 50% of the population is overweight or obese. Studies showed only 5% of adults eat the daily recommended amount of vegetables.

Whatever your weight is, you might struggle with your appetite and staying on track with your fitness goals. Eating a few extra snacks (or even meals) here and there can set you back, which can understandably be very frustrating.

In that case, you might need some extra help from things such as appetite suppressants.

Are you wondering what the best appetite suppressant is for you? Then keep reading. Here are several you can try!

Performax Labs OxyMax Capsules

Performax Labs OxyMax capsules are a type of thermogenic fat burning dietary supplement. This means that when you take these capsules, it'll help you burn fat more efficiently.

Performax has carefully formulated this capsule to give you the best results possible, no matter what your diet and exercise routine looks like. It can be especially helpful if you've plateaued and need an extra push to reach your fitness goals.

In addition to helping you burn more fat, these capsules can also help suppress your appetite. Other things included in this capsule are adrenaline boosters and metabolism enhancers. As a result, when you take OxyMax, you'll stay energized throughout the day, all without feeling hungry prematurely.

Ingredients include caffeine, Eria jarensis, Theobroma cacao, Hordeum vulgare, Paradoxine grains of paradise, Nelumbo nucifera, Coleus forskolin extract, fucoxanthin, black pepper extract, and Thermopsis lanceolata extract. One bottle comes with 60 capsules. Just take one with water.

Betancourt Nutrition Ripped Juice Capsules

Here's another capsule that can help suppress your appetite. These Ripped Juice capsules from Betancourt Nutrition are also a type of thermogenic fat burner.

Not only does this capsule help you burn fat, but it also improves your focus and motivation. In addition, it suppresses your appetite so you can keep your cravings under control.

The ingredients you'll find in this diet pill include L-tyrosine, caffeine, Capsicum annuum, theacrine, and green coffee bean extract. One bottle comes with 60 capsules. Take one with water like you would with the other capsule.

Nutriair Diet Diffuser

If you don't like taking capsules, then this diffuser appetite suppressant might be ideal for you. The Nutriair Diet diffuser is something you take inhales with a glass of water. Do this 15 minutes before you eat, and it'll help you control your portions a lot easier.

This is a natural appetite suppressant, as Nutriair has selected these ingredients for this purpose. The ingredients in this diffuser are Hoodia Gordonii, green tea extract, Garcinia cambogia, and L-theanine. All of these combined together will make cravings for things such as sugars and carbs go away.

One package comes with 200 inhalations. You should only take 5 puffs before you eat. In addition, you shouldn't go past 20 inhalations in one hour.

Nutrex Research Lipo6 Keto Powder

Perhaps you're on the keto diet, which means you have to be more particular about what you eat. This means many supplements are a no-go, which can be frustrating. This is why we've included an appetite suppressant that you can safely take while still maintaining your keto diet.

The Nutrex Research Lipo6 keto powder is specially formulated to include goBHB ketones. These will help you achieve your keto goals much quicker!

This is because the powder puts your body into ketosis faster and longer. As a result, you'll feel full and increased energy levels.

The main ingredients include caffeine, L-tyrosine, and choline.

Each container comes with 30 servings. Flavours you can choose from include strawberry lemonade and cucumber melon.

The Genius Brand Caffeine Veggie Capsules

Many of us deal with fatigue, especially with all our busy schedules. A crowd favourite to keep our energy up is coffee since a cup of java includes some caffeine. But others prefer to cut out beverages and go straight for caffeine itself.

If that sounds like you, then you need to try the Genius Brand caffeine capsules. These are different from other caffeine pills on the market because they're slow-release, meaning you'll get a steady source of energy.

Not only that, but these capsules also help you with speeding up your metabolism and fat burning, which means a reduced body weight. As you may have guessed, this caffeine capsule also helps with suppressing your appetite.

All ingredients found in this product are all-natural. In addition to caffeine, you'll find a vegetable capsule, organic rice hulls, ascorbyl palmitate, and cellulose. There are 100 capsules in each bottle.

The Genius Brand A Shot of Genius

On average, Australians spend 40.6 hours a week at work. So if you have a packed schedule and don't like taking capsules, you might be at a loss as to what products you can use to help suppress your appetite while on the go.

A great product you can try is the Genius Brand's A Shot of Genius. This is a nootropic energy shot that you can gulp, wherever you are. There are no dyes, artificial sweeteners, or flavours, so you're sure to get something that's good for your body.

A Shot of Genius gives you an extra boost of energy without the detrimental side effects of energy drinks, such as shakiness and nausea. Plus, it'll help you with your mood, motivation, and memory. Last, but certainly not least, it'll also help control your appetite.

Ingredients include alpha-GPC, L-theanine, blueberry extract, and L-tyrosine. Each pack comes with 6 shots.

Pick the Best Appetite Suppressant for Your Lifestyle

As you can see, appetite suppressants supplements come in forms like capsules, diffusers, powders, and shots. They all help you control your eating, so the best appetite suppressant for you just depends on how you prefer to take your supplements.

If you're not sure, it's always a good idea to give each type a try and see how they fit into your lifestyle. You can even use more than 1 type if you wish!

For the best appetite suppressant in Australia, count on Gladiator Fitness to give you quality products at affordable prices. Shop more of our weight management products now!

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