Best Storage Stackable Container on the Market

Whether you're prepping your snacks for work, storing protein for the gym or snacking on the go, these GoStaks are simply the best storage stackable container on the market. 

Available in 4 different sizes to STORE, SEPARATE AND STACK nuts, fruits, protein, vegetables, pills, yoghurt, muesli and you're being a little 😏candy!

Made of quality Eastman Tritan™ plastic and produced by the same people who brought you BlenderBottle®, means your portable stackable containers remain clear, odour resistant and clean. 

If you're new to GoStak®, the starter pack is the way to go, which includes 4 jars in various sizes plus a handle. After your first pack, you can then purchase the GoStak® 100cc 3 Pak and GoStak® 150cc 2 Pak to mix and match. 


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