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Allmax Nutrition C:VOL OD:TECH Advanced Muscle Support Matrix (210 capsules)

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Allmax Nutrition C:VOL OD:TECH Advanced Muscle Support Matrix (210 capsules)



CVOL Capsule works with the strongest natural muscle-building trigger known to science coupled with cutting-edge OD:TECH™, that protects CVOL from the damaging, highly-acidic environment of the stomach that can be detrimental to the ingredients. CVOL instead releases in the small intestines for optimal absorption!

Unlike every other product containing Creatine on the market, CVOL reaches the point of optimal absorption for maximum impact. With CVOL you will have no water-retention, no bloating, no cramping or stomach upset that is more common with regular Creatine.

Four forms of Creatine with Patented Creatine-Magnesium Chelate, delivering highly-stable and effective Creatine and Magnesium drive rapid gains in strength and power. L-Carnitine L-Tartrate acts like a shield defending your muscles from destruction at a micro level that occurs following training.

Beta-Alanine induces increases in muscle endurance and resistance to lactic acid. Best of all, delivered with the combination of OD:TECH™ and insulin-receptor sensitizing ingredients during the post-workout anabolic window, CVOL has the completely unique advantage over every other supplement on the market of being absorbed and utilized within the body for maximum effectiveness.


High levels of Creatine in your muscles are essential to creating the high-intensity, short-burst power that you need to push up big weight on the bench or get explosiveness off the line. Increased Creatine stores in your muscles help generate this power. As you get stronger with each workout, your muscles grow very quickly to overcome the progressively increased resistance (weight or speed training).

But isn’t Creatine meant to be taken as a pre-workout? Why would you supplement with Creatine post-workout? Two words, delivery and absorption. Creatine must get into the bloodstream, where it can be delivered to waiting muscle cells, once in the bloodstream, it must be actively absorbed by muscle cells. But when your body has not been through an intense workout, your muscles are not ready to absorb Creatine.

Creatine is very heavily used during high-intensity weightlifting. When Creatine stores (Phospho-Creatine) are depleted, the body goes to work to replenish them as quickly as possible. Since the absorption of Creatine into muscle cells is regulated in part by specialized insulin receptors, Post-Workout is the ideal time to supplement with Creatine.

It is in this Post-Workout state that muscles actively take in nutrients, including Creatine. It does this by increasing the activity of the insulin receptors located on muscle cells. Insulin receptors are the gatekeepers of each of the millions and millions of muscle cells in your body.
Without muscle cells actively taking in Creatine, you will not absorb, retain or utilize it!

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